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What is liposomal melatonin?

Probably, you've heard about melatonin. It's that amazing hormone that our bodies create to say, "Hey, it's time to catch some Zzz's!" But did you know that the format of melatonin you consume may affect how well you sleep? Entering liposomal melatonin.

Let's now simplify it using some understandable science. Think of melatonin as a tiny bubble. Since it is vulnerable when traveling alone, it can burst before arriving at the destination. 

Liposomes can be useful in this situation. Imagine them as small, protective bubble coverings. These tiny bubbles enclose melatonin, ensuring that it securely reaches its destination inside our bodies and maximizing its advantages.

Not only that, since the outer layer of liposomal melatonin is a thin layer of fat, it really tricks our cells to absorb it first. (eg: improving the absorption rate too) 


Why does this matter so much? Well, it makes sure that more melatonin is absorbed by your body, which might result in better and more reliable outcomes.

This might be your lucky charm if you've tried regular melatonin and didn't experience the desired sleep enchantment.

In conclusion, keep in mind that research is always developing while you seek out those hazy lands of sound sleep. Your sleep cycle might only need a little boost, and liposomal melatonin may provide it.