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Origin Mattress Review


As a sleep coach, I’m quite picky on choosing the right equipment for my sleep arena. To start, I would say that the first right tool to choose would be a mattress. So today, that’s what I will be reviewing a hybrid mattress: ORIGIN. Designed in Germany; Manufactured in Malaysia. 

Over the past decade, mattress technology has evolved quickly. I recall the last time when I was in the market for a mattress, hybrid mattress was still not too popular in Hong Kong. Definitely don’t recall new mattress came in a box (pic #1). Also, I was quite fixed on getting rather hard mattress then due to endless amount of Lower Back injuries. (A dogma: hard mattress = better support) My body will definitely put ORIGIN’s support to the test


ORIGIN Hybrid Mattress vs Traditional Pocket Spring Mattress

One Word on their difference in the Construction of the Mattress:

  1. ORIGIN Hybrid: has both memory foams layer + pocket springs. Think of the thickness of them is almost half & half. Various memory form layers provide support for the sleepers
  2. Traditional Pocket Spring: Still a layer of form/ other materials on top. Most mattress thickness comes from pocket spring system. General rule: The more coils, the more responsive and motion controlled the mattress is.

Wanna know more on ORIGIN’s features, check out this video: (Video in Cantonese)


The Feel:

Immediate feeling:

  • Very comfortable!!!
  • Tencel Pillowtop layer of ORIGIN fits quite snuggle to my body
  • The nature curve of my low back was supported well
  • After lying on the mattress for a while, I feel slightly warmer. However, this was not measurably different than that of the traditional spring mattress. 

After 3wks sleeping on the mattress: 

  • More comfortable side sleeping posture, likely due to the pillowtop
  • The slight gap between my lower back to mattress is completely gone, filled in by the pillowtop
  • Feel strong support in my lower back area, even after pulling my back accidentally from sports. It may have facilitated a quick recovery in my end
  • No obvious sleep data was noticed due to the mattress change. (Data from Oura Ring, Pic #2)



My experience demonstrate ORIGIN exhibits a good balance among comfortability, breathability and support. Perhaps it’s time for most people to rethink the dogma of hard mattress = good back support. We should recognize that we all have natural curves in our spinal column. A very hard mattress may not be able to support that S shape of our back.

In addition, I must say ORIGIN Hybrid mattress lives up to its claim on orthopedic support. Hybrid mattress with smart memory foam (like this one I tested) may provide adequate support to most people. Of course, this is coming from my own user experience. 

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Picture #1

 Mattress in box

Picture #2

 Oura ring Score