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Kinetic Wellness: Movement-Induced Mood Enhancement

Our body's chemical reactions work like a well-coordinated orchestra. Any external factors, like stress, can usually be met with a bodily adjustment, so it still functions well.


But sometimes, it still needs our support in order to run smoothly. For example, spiking our neurotransmitter serotonin can increase our emotions of happiness and well-being and provide us with the grounding effect and patience we are looking for in stressful environments.

Neuroscientific research has shown exercise can increase serotonin levels and strengthen our ability to cope with stress. That's why regular cardiovascular exercise, such as cycling or jogging, is often recommended for those who have a lot to think about. It is linked to higher brain serotonin concentration, which improves mood and cognitive function.

Exercise has both short- and long-term effects on brain chemistry that change it. It has been demonstrated that regular physical activity causes neuroplastic alterations in the brain, which may strengthen the body's stress response mechanism. It's the realization of the proverb "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"—by moving, we activate neurological and hormonal changes that strengthen us against the stresses of everyday life.

Now, does that mean everyone should be going for a 5K race? Clearly not! There is always room for personalization. Should you be experiencing some level of brain fog, headaches, or physical or mental fatigue, cardiovascular exercise SHOULD NOT be your starting point. The best is to have you come have a quick complementary consultation so we can work together on what may be the best step forward for you.