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How to quit your PM Sugar Habit to save your Mental Health?

Alright, last time we explored, a daily bubble tea (i.e., sugary drink) is bad for our mental health. Today, let’s outline three practical strategies and timelines for escaping the afternoon sugar craving.

Week 1: Foods High in Fiber

Make sure your afternoon snacks include foods high in fiber, such as whole fruits, nuts, or veggies. This week, try swapping out one sweet snack for a high-fiber option each day. Observe your feelings after eating these snacks; you could see a decrease in sugar cravings and an increase in fullness.

Week 2: Probiotics

Incorporate foods high in probiotics, such as kefir or yogurt, into your afternoon routine. Make sure you have probiotics three times (min) per week. My favorite choice is this from Pure Encapsulation. In the long run, proper probiotics can help ease sugar cravings by regulating a balanced gut microbiota. Have patience; your gut flora could need a few weeks to acclimate.

Week 3: Mindful Eating

Avoid afternoon snacks at all costs. Take a few deep breaths to determine whether you're actually hungry or just having a yearning before reaching for food. This week, make an effort to pay closer attention to your body's hunger signals and make deliberate decisions to consume less sugar.

Extra Help

One may consider doing a Liver Detox from week 3 onward for another 3–4 weeks. For this process, I would highly recommend that you work with a dietitian or a functional nutritional counselor to plan it out. You can also book a zoom chat to explore this topic further with me.

Remember, resetting your gut microbiota takes time, and consistency is essential. Keep using these techniques to maintain a healthy afternoon habit. It could take a few months for your gut microbiota to completely adapt to your new behaviors. Over time, little, long-lasting adjustments can have a big impact on your overall mental and physical well-being.