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Embracing Bonds: The Oxytocin Avenue to Alleviate Stress

Did you know? Human interaction can be quite effective as a stress relief agent, as can any pharmaceutical. Positive social interactions release the neurohormone oxytocin, which can reduce stress and promote calmness in the body. Oxytocin is a hormone that plays a crucial role in the regulation of emotional and social behaviors.

Research has highlighted the role that oxytocin plays in fostering social ties and in acting as a stress-reduction agent. A chain reaction of oxytocin release can be triggered by sharing in group activities, having meaningful conversations, or just being friendly to someone. This reduces anxiety and promotes calmness.

Oxytocin plays two roles in stress management:

  1. reduces the body's natural stress response
  2. strengthens social support systems

At work, we can consider openly sharing our concerns within our team and inviting them to actively participate in the solution creation process. These actions can enhance our internal oxytocin response, reduce stress, and foster a social environment that promotes psychological safety and a sense of belonging among the group.

Of course, as leaders and managers, we would need to work on our languages of sharing first. None of the catastrophizing wording should be used within our sharing statements. If that's your current practice and you need someone quick advice, do reach for your quick sound board. Always here to elevate our leadership together!