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Body Intelligence series: Mastering the Hormonal Melody to Mitigate Stress

The prime reason for stress management is to start taking control of our hormonal balance in the midst of our crazy workday. Our endocrine system releases chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline when faced with stress, preparing our body to confront immediate challenges. But overproduction of cortisol can have negative effects on our well-being and contribute to feelings of worry. Indeed, it will inhibit digestion, depress thyroid function, and significantly compromise the immune system, to say the least.

The nascent discipline of psycho-neuro-endocrinology reveals the significant influence of lifestyle decisions on hormonal well-being. Research indicates that maintaining good sleep habits, a balanced diet, and consistent exercise are crucial for regulating levels of stress hormones. Neuroimaging studies have provided evidence that meditation can improve the connection of brain regions responsible for regulating mood and reducing the feeling of stress.

And my work on integrating this physiological knowledge with stress management is to bring awareness to all professionals and business leaders that there is always an optimal point of performance or work output. Pushing relentlessly without regard for the body's own resources will only lead to our performance and output demise. If you start seeing your focus drop, being distracted easily, having issues falling asleep, and having your EQ suffer, chances are you are already slowly experiencing this downhill slope. May I invite you for a 20 mins complementary consultation and see how I can assist you in regaining your mojo?