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想知道自己需唔需要分八個鐘? 這個睡眠生理形態調查可以幫助你

- 自己真的每晚需要😴睡8小時?
- 醫生🩺的8小時睡眠想法比較保守?
- 呢一個係普通人, 並不是我!!!
如果有, 可能這個睡眠生理形態調查可以幫助你。
最少唔需要自己再估估下... 😉😉😉
Have you thought about:
* Do I really need to sleep 8 hours per night?
* This 8 hours sleep is probably doctors’ being over cautious.
* That’s for normal people, not me man!
If yes, perhaps this chronotype survey can help you sort it out.
At least, you don’t have to guess no more. 😉😉😉
Credit: <<The power of When>> by Dr. Michael Breus