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Identify your circadian rhythms 🦁 🐻 🐬 🐺

Yes I get it… Most city people believe that SLEEP is a waste of time. When they heard that that I’m a Sleep Coach for the first time, they often ask me: 
    ➡️ “How can I sleep less?”
    ➡️ “Can you help me to join that 5am club?” 
    ➡️ “What supplement that can knock me out cold QUICK?” 
As a certified sleep science coach with functional medicine (think root caused approached to health) background, I DO NOT recommend people to sleep less . NOT much shortcut to it either. However, there are ways to optimize one’s sleep practices. From these practices, they can enhance cognitive performance & elevate their focus. And my speciality is to personalize these “Effective & Efficient Sleeping” practices to my clients. Through 
    🏆 Helping my client to understand their bodies
    🏆 Lifestyle modification
    🏆 Environment optimization
    🏆 Appropriate nutritional supplementation
I help them to establish their own sleep hygiene/ routine that best suits them. And, NO. We won’t be using medicine in the process. 
We should know that SLEEP is the foundation of health. It is more important than exercise and diet when it comes to creating a healthier YOU. Not only do we use sleep to repair our cell & muscles & clean out the toxins in our body, but we also need it to reconsolidate our memory fragments & create new ideas too. So cutting down our ZZZ hours is actually a good way of making us LESS mentally sharp
First, let’s recognize that everyone’s body is different. So is our sleep need. Thus, the #1 way to optimize one's sleep quality is to find our own unique circadian rhythms. Of course, you can spend thousands of dollars to find out your DNA & map out all your clock genes. That could be an expensive journey 💸💸💸. A quick and dirty way is to try out Dr. Michael Breus’s chronotype survey. It provides you a rough estimate of your sleep chronotype: Lion 🦁, Bear 🐻, Dolphin 🐬 and Wolf 🐺, while it layout some guideline on how one may plan your day according to your circadian rhythms. Highly recommend you to do a deep dive into the book. It’s called <<The power of When>>. 
Now Hope you all have fun on this quick survey here. Should you have questions at the end, do reach me for a  complimentary discussion. You can see a link to schedule that with me there.