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近日, 我們的生活方式因許多無法預測的變化而受到干擾。 動力和專心往往會因為一停而留走。 在11月24日,我們將討論如何利用睡眠來使您更加專注。 在此過程中,也許您可以重新發現和塑造您和孩子們的新生活習慣
Nowadays our lifestyle has been disrupted with many unpredictable twist and turns. Our motivation and focus is often affected with this stop and go. On Nov 24, we will have a discussion on how to leverage sleep to create a more focus you. Along the way, maybe you can rediscover new ways that shape a new living habit of you & your kids.
Date: Nov 24
Time: 9pm - 10pm