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Sleep Optimization MasterClass (in Cantonese)

Sleep Optimization MasterClass (in Cantonese)

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You’ll get to learn how to master your sleep to unleash your ultimate potential

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Living in a 24/7 world, lots of people will literally push aside the sleep hours to “get more done”; while many are already suffering from sleep disorders and insomnia. 

In the masterclass, I want to lay out the strategies that empower everyone to sleep well and to achieve the following too: 
  • Unstoppable Focus
  • Boundless And Consistent Energy
  • Elevated Mood And Happiness
  • Increased Productivity
  • Resilience To Stress

In 20 short videos, we will cover the following topics in order for you to enhance your knowledge about your sleep & create the workable practice for your schedule…  
  • The important of sleep
  • Lifestyle & Environmental modification to foster sleepiness
  • Supplement: to optimize one’s sleep quality

This Masterclass will empower you to unleash the power within. We are looking forwards to seeing you in class😉😉