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Sleep Quality Consultation (1 session, ~60 mins)

Sleep Quality Consultation (1 session, ~60 mins)

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What is it: Sleep is THE most important part of restoring our energy, sharping our focus and building resilience to stress. So, our aim is to help all my client to sleep more effectively & efficiently. Through this consultation, my client should be able to walk away with the following:

  • Understanding the current situation of their bodies
  • The DO & DON'T on sleep hygiene 
  • Personalized strategy to better night rest
  • Path to create unstoppable focus / increase productivity

Why we do this: Simple. Our goal is to create sustainable high performance leaders. Through helping my clients to achieve the most restorative sleep, we enable them to show up as the BEST selves during every waking moment. This gives them COMPLETE control of their lives. 

How we do this: By listening to your needs and restoring your internal balance!!  Our job is to create a "balance" among your work-life-family schedule from a functional medicine prospective. That would include on fine-tuning your food choice, exercise, stress management and lifestyle practice. Intention of these adjustment : offer you the biggest ROI - Return on Investment sustainably. 

How it works

  • 1-on-1 health coaching session. Session ~60 mins (Zoom or @ my Kennedy Town office). Our first session is always slightly longer so I can understand my client's health needs. 
  • Personalized wellness journey will be crafted based on individuals' needs. We offer guidance on topic can range from Sleep Optimization, Nutrition Highlight, Movement Improvement Plan, Stress Management, etc. Since all people are built differently, we can't presume the health formula is the same for everyone.
  • Worksheets, handouts, food plans/ recipes and even some of the latest  research on health & science will be provided during or after consultation to facilitate maximum observable result

First consultation (via Zoom or @ my Kennedy Town office, ~15mins) is complementary. It's the chance for us to know each other and understand how we work together! Please reach me via the form below or whatsapp me at 5374 5348.