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BE. Well. Festival 的事後想法

At the Both
關於 BE. Well. 的一些往後想法。 當我在Festival的時候, 自己不知道有多累。但過了一整天後, 我到現在才能回覆自己的創造能力。 可以趁現在的時間和我剛剛遇到的人做一些連接 和planning📖。 日後, 請大家繼續支持這個Channel, 我希望可以做得更多關於提升睡眠質素的video💪🏼💪🏼
At the talk
Some thoughts on post BE. WELL festival. What a couple of days. See you don't know how tired you are while you are at it. But it ready sets me back a day. Resting and Connecting with the dots at home after the event. Thank you everyone I've met there!